Hey I'm Nate, Owner Of The Creative Sloth

I am aware this is an Otter, don’t judge me, Its one of my favourite photos, and Sloths are a real challenge to photograph, I will update this in due course 😉 

Hey I'm Nate, Owner Of The Creative Sloth

Meet Nate, Nate Lansdell - The Creative Sloth – Website Design, Pet And Wildlife Photography, Pet Sitting And Other Pet Services
Meet Nate, Nate Lansdell - The Creative Sloth – Website Design, Pet And Wildlife Photography, Pet Sitting And Other Pet Services

Hey, I'm Nate, nerd, all-round nice guy, love cheese pizzas, and sometimes a little too passionate about animals and the environment.

Benji The Family Chorkie - Usually Joins Me When Workin - The Creative Sloth

This is Benji, our family Chorkie, or as we call him "Sir Lord Benji" he likes to think he lord of the manner, he certainly acts like it, normally your find him asleep somewhere quiet, (its a hard life being a dog you know)

Rosie - Jack Russel Mix - Another Family Memeber - Usually Seen On My Lap - The Creative Sloth

This is Rosie, A Jack Russel Mix, she is our family pet, and a loving member of our family, you will find her normally sitting my the back door, watching the birds, getting frustrated at there lack of respect to "her garden"

Hello and welcome to The Creative Sloth, My name is Nate, and I want to extend a warm welcome to my little home, a place full of technology and creativity, mixed with a few cute pictures of some amazing animals, environmentally friendly services, and a bucket load of quirkiness.

I actually started my journey as a creative “Entrepreneur” (that’s big word for a dyslexic to type I tell you), back in 2016, under a different name, Green Turtle Web Creations, for that side of the business, I concentrated purely on just building websites for clients, but as I’ve grown that business, I also expanded to working on other projects that were a passion of mine, including creative photography projects, logo and marketing solutions, aiding companies with research and new product solutions that can help there business grow, and I also dabbled with animal care, like pet walking, and pet sitting. So in January of this year (2019), I decided that it was the right time to rebrand, re-refresh, and bring all the things I love and truly enjoy doing under one roof, and one brand “The Creative Sloth”

So why The Creative Sloth?

The name reflects my let us call it quirkiness :), I am very passionate about animal conservation, and one of my favourite animals is the sloth, I can’t explain why its just something about there nature, there so laid back, so chilled, and very calming, and at the moment in this current climate with all the hate that seems to be in the world, it just seemed to fit, Plus the logo is stinking cute right 😉

What Makes The Creative Sloth Unique?

For me having my own business, is about helping people achieve their goals, and finding solutions to problems that seem unattainable. There are always ways around a problem, you just have to find them, but there is one thing I live by every day, and it is reflected in my work, and that’s my ethos, “A Smile A Day Can Change The World”. Your business, the solutions you need, have to make clients smile, they have to reflect good business practice, and be ethical. I am a proud environmentalist and strive to make an as little footprint on the environment as possible, and I am also very compassionate about animal welfare and care, My goal is to bring this to your business.

What Does The Future Hold For The Creative Sloth?

This site is like a small tree, with a happy little Sloth chilling at the top, it is going to grow and nurture over time, as it grows, and those branches expand, I’ll be adding more services, developing my skills, and creativity, and bringing more solutions to each business, so if there something your looking for and not sure if its something I can help with, please feel free to message and ask. 


"Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations"