Church Farm, Lambing Season


I am a big kid, those who know me, all know I’m THAT person who gets hyper excited when I see animals or had the opportunity to do something unique, like lamb feeding or holding birds of prey. I always make a joke that I’m that person who pushes everyone out the way to get closer. (sorry about that).

Yesterday for Mothering Sunday, I headed over to a place called Church Farm,The Creative Sloth - Church Farm, Lambing Season in Stow Bardolph, near Downham Market. Its lambing season and they are in full swing. Allowing guests to meet their menagerie of beautiful animals, meet the new lambs, maybe even get to witness a lamb being born (yes that’s right; unfortunately, no lambs born when I was there), and of course have a go at feeding a lamb.

The farm is large and has a lovely little tractor ride that takes you around the outskirts of the farm. Inside you have a variety of playrooms, and there’s a small tea room for the adults. Animals include a variety of sheep, some even quite exotic; there’s a variety of handsome and beautiful goats, horses, rabbits, ducklings and chickens, and probably a few others I’ve missed.

What I truly love about Church Farm is they allow you to get hands-on, they allow you to sit with the pigs, and goats, and chickens, and encourage children that farm animals are not scary, there wonderful and it’s a beautiful place to be educated.

I didn’t go mad with the camera, I took a few photos, and got some cracking shots, including a beautiful 3-day old lamb, who looked up and smiled so sweetly at me. However, I defiantly recommend going in to visit, taking a picnic, and just enjoying some beautiful Norfolk country.

This is not a sponsored advert for Church Farm

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