Saying Goodbye To A Good Friend

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It is an honor and privilege to be trusted to look after other people’s animals, it’s a job I love so much, Animals are little humans to me and I get emotionally involved with everything in their day to day lives. But life as we all know, starts and ends, and there’s no control over that, On the 21st Of September 2018 I received the heart-breaking news that Skipper, An English Setter and one of the most incredible, loving dogs I had the privilege to dog sit for, crossed the rainbow bridge Skipper was 10 years and brought tranquillity, and peace to everyone’s world, and despite his ailments, and his illness, that was trying its hardest to bring this amazing boy down, he still brought smiles to all those around us. Unfortunately, his illness was too much to combat and his owners made the humane decision to let him rest. He was put to sleep, surrounded by Colleen his adoptive sister, and his owners who raised him from a puppy. Thank you, Skipper, for your love, sloppy kisses, cuddles, the endless smiles, and the patience to allow me to practice my pet photography with you, I hope you’re running wild and free, wherever you

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I am a big kid, those who know me, all know I’m THAT person who gets hyper excited when I see animals

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